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For Office

Most office buildings, if not all, seek to be equipped with recycling bins, especially considering the amount of paper generally used by companies. Recycling bins of all kinds are available for offices, from smaller dimensions to large and from rectangular to circular, a mixed shape and even octagonal (when made from cardboard). Most recycling bins come in materials such as steel, polyethylene and other types of plastic, whilst recycling bins designed for paper are often  made from cardboard, in order to be even more eco-friendly. This particular type is very common in offices nowadays.

They come in a comprehensive range in terms of capacity and design; some are compact and intended for use in office kitchens with a restrictive space, whereas others, generally meant for outdoor use, are the size of conventional or larger wheelie bins. Also, they come as separate units or mixed (and segregated) ones, comprising two, three or even four compartments, usually differentiated by their inner colour.