There is nothing worse than going to a fast-food restaurant or toilet for that matter and having to use your hands to operate the bin. Talk about un-hygienic. So I thought today I would talk to you about a few options that have a hands-free (care-free) operation for at home, the office and for the bathroom.


Generally anything with a pedal is a good place to start. Using your foot to operate the bin is a much cleaner and easier way to dispose of your rubbish.

Open top bins are great if the rubbish to be disposed of is not food waste.

Touch Bins – These may require touching the lid but does not require touching any of the contents in the bin. They also have a quite a tight fitting lid which is good for kitchen waste.

All the above options have a range of styles and colours and some of these would be ideal for recycling.


Most of the larger sanitary and nappy bins are pedal operated, but I have encountered a lot of the smaller sanitary bins where there has been no pedal and required opening by hand, at this point I think a hand full of tissue and to close the eyes is the way forward.


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