When it comes to rubbish bins, one name often stands out above all the others: Brabantia. Brabantia, a Dutch manufacturer of rubbish bins, are perhaps the most famous name in the bin world, and they have sold millions of them world-wide.

Formed in 1919 , Brabantia have been renowned for using quality steel as their primary manufacturing material which makes Brabantia bins some of the best quality on the market that are both tough and durable.

However, what most customers like about Brabantia bins is their design. Sleek in nature and often made from polished steel Brabantia bins look contemporary, clean and sturdy. Here are some of their most popular products:

Wall Mountable Bin






This 3 litre bin is ideal for the bathroom and looks contemporary and modern. Easy to clean, it is made form high quality steel that won’t tarnish or rust – essential in bathrooms where steam is common.

Pedal Bin

Available in both white and steel, this pedal operated bin comes with either a plastic or metal bucket, making it easy to empty, and is ideal for either the kitchen or bathroom.

Black Retro Pedal Bin

A sleek and stylish retro bin, this pedal operated bin comes in three sizes and is one of the most startling design of bins–perfect for the contemporary kitchen.

Brabantia Push Bin


Perhaps the most stylish bin Brabantia produce, this beautifully designed bin is sleek and modern. Easy to use, it is ideal for almost any room of the house. Made from the finest steel it is easy to clean and is perhaps the most stylish-looking bin on the market.




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