Our best selling bin so far this year has been the Open Top Recycle 50 and Recycle 30 litre. Both come with a choice of  2 coloured bases, 6 coloured lids and 10 Recycling stickers. The size of these bins mean that they are ideal for Schools, Offices and Home use. In fact we have sold over 5,000.

As there is only a general guideline with regards to what colours represent which recycling option, you can choose which ever colour combination that suits.

The best feature of this bin is the price. You will not be able to find the same quality bin for the price on offer. There are also quantity discounts  when you buy 6+, 10+ or 25+ that reduces the price even further.

Recycling is becoming ever much more a part of our daily routine.

Everyone should have at least one of these bins!

Both the 50 litre and the 30 litre are available in dark grey and light grey and with a choice of 9 lid options and 13 different stickers, we are sure there is something for everyone.

To see more of this product or to buy it, please click here – Recycling Bins


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