The Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) has announced it is to provide local authorities with free information to help them achieve better recycling levels, reports.

WRAP has announced it is to create posters, leaflets, web banners and other promotional materials which will then be used by local councils with the aim of improving recycling volumes, thereby also diverting more waste from landfill and towards recycling plants.

Much of the effort will be centred around improving facilities for the recycling of electricals, furniture and textiles, many of which are not permitted in household recycling bins but could be in the future.

Commenting on why this has become such a popular issue, head of collections and quality at WRAP, Linda Crichton, told how people are becoming more aware of the financial opportunities around increasing levels of re-use.

This was evident, she said, in estimates undertaken by WRAP which claimed that almost a quarter of electricals taken by householders to household waste and recycling centres across the UK have a reuse value of over £200 million.

“This is on top of the benefit of avoided landfill tax charges,” Crichton added. “As a result, we know that reuse organisations, recyclers and local authorities are looking to tap in to those economic opportunities by increasing the amount of reusable items they collect. This can be achieved with the help of communications.”

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