One of the world’s most famous orchestras played to a packed school in order to deliver a message about recycling, reports.    

The Hallé Orchestra attended Heritage High School in Clowne to deliver a unique performance that had recycling at its heart. It was the culmination of around a year’s work which saw Hallé musicians team up with a local film maker and pupils from the school to devise ReCyClowne: ‘A Mission to save Planet Earth’.

In order to research and plan the project, participants visited local waste transfer stations and recycling plants to see first-hand just what goes on there. Furthermore, the team also then used recycled materials to create a sculpture and even musical instruments from what had been thrown away.

It was soon decided that the performance would then detail a “recycling journey”, showing just what happens to items after householders have popped them into their recycling bins. This was set to film and music for two special performances at the school’s auditorium which was played to some 400 audience members.

The music that featured included pieces by Elgar, Mendelssohn, Mozart, Ravel, Schirmer and Walton.

Speaking to after the performance, Bolsover District Council’s cabinet member for social inclusion, Cllr Ann Syrett called it an “amazing” night.

“The Hallé were fantastic and the film and soundtrack created by the school children was truly inspirational,” she added.

“By using various forms of art, we wanted the children to explore their creativity and this was certainly evident in the performances and the final cut of the video. The team had a lot of fun doing this project, which was quite obvious when you watch the film, but it does deliver the important message that we all must do what we can to help save the planet.”

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