Couples have the highest rates of recycling, but women still outstrip men, a new study has found.

Researchers from Essex University sought to discover which members of society were particularly good at recycling and which were not pulling their weight, reports.

The results, which were compiled by quizzing some 5,000 British residents, found that 79 per cent of mixed-sex couples recycled their rubbish on a regular basis. Only 69 per cent of females living alone did so, however, the figure for solo men was lower still, at 58 per cent.

Furthermore, men were also found to be less willing to recycle if methods are not put in place to help them do so. Researchers discovered that women were far more likely to make the effort when it comes to travelling out of their way to recycle, whereas men were disinclined to do anything unless their recycling bins were to be collected from the kerbside.

Speaking to of the results, PhD student Hazel Pettifor, who led the study, explained: “Women are probably doing more than their share.

“In the same way that household tasks are often split with the woman of the house taking on the daily, routine activities, it is likely that women are emptying and rinsing out containers, removing lids and labels and sorting waste, while their menfolk make the fortnightly trip to the bottle bank or put the bins out.”

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