Residents of Wokingham will soon be able to find out exactly where their recycling ends up, after the local council became the latest to sign up to the End Destinations of Recycling Charter.  

Wokingham Borough Council agreed to file an annual report detailing the destination of the region’s recycling during its full council meeting last Thursday (July 26th).

In an interview with, councillor Gary Cowan claimed that the initiative could help encourage residents to put more items in their recycle bin.

He said: “I had feedback from councillors canvassing during the election that people were asking why they can’t recycle certain items. If we find out where it goes to, we can educate people of the real benefits of recycling.”

The End Destinations of Recycling Charter was drawn up by The Resource Association last June, in order to raise awareness about the importance of recycling. In a poll conducted the association, almost a third of Brits admitted they would be more likely to recycle if they knew where their rubbish ended up.

In a statement cited by, the body’s chief executive, Ray Georgeson, explained: “Our shared agenda of transparency and improved public information will generate confidence in the recycling industry and how local councils account for recycling collected in their name.” 

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