Many electrical items are being recycled around Europe but aren’t counting towards official figures, it has emerged.

The directive for recycling waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) has recently been recast in a bid to “capture” some of the lost volumes which are recycled but not always accounted for, reports.

In light of this, a report has been jointly released by the European Electronics Recyclers Association (EERA), digital tech group DIGITALEUROPE and lighting manufacturing body LightingEurope, claiming as much as a third is being recycled but not recorded.

Previously, only those recycled in manufacturer take-back schemes were counted towards governmental targets. In some places, however, this could all change as certain councils now accept small electrical goods in the traditional kerbside collection for the recycling bins for home.

Outside of all this, however, the report claims that whilst reports say only a third of WEEE is being recycled, as much as a further third could be doing the same, albeit under the radar.

The report, as printed by called for a change in the way such recycling it recorded. It read: “For protection of the treatment operators’ interests, the reporting should happen in a secure environment.

“Therefore it is proposed that treatment operators that comply with the quality standards report data to an independent register which may be financed by the producers.”

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