Residents in Walsall have complained about double standards after it was revealed the local council broke its own recycling rules, according to  

Those in the area had seen stickers put on their bins by what they called ‘binspectors’, if they were deemed to have the wrong rubbish in their recycling bins.

It was also revealed that a total of 11,000 bins had been left uncollected due to the strict rules.

However, residents were outraged when they spotted binmen emptying both regular bins and recycling bins in to the same lorries during collection, with dozens complaining to the Council.

The council has admitted to the breach, but say that they only mix the collections in a battle to catch up with the rounds, after rubbish could not be collected during last week’s snow and icy conditions.

Talking about the situation, Willenhall councillor Ian Shires told “I can understand why the council has taken the action it has as it desperately tries to catch up on the massive backlog of unemptied bins which have accumulated during the recent severe weather.

He continued: “Desperate situations require desperate action. The lesson to be learned here is to communicate widely what you are doing and why.”

Transport chief councillor Tom Ansell also said that the measures had only been taken as a “last resort”.

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