Welsh government figures show that more than half of the country’s waste is being recycled, reports walesonline.co.uk.

Councils in Wales reused 53 per cent of their waste between April and June this year and in the 12 months to June, recycling increased by two per cent to top 50 per cent. It marks the first time Wales have managed to breach the 50 per cent barrier.

Results did vary wildly between councils, however, with Denbighshire and Caerphilly experiencing the highest rates at 60.5 per cent per cent and 59.9 per cent respectively, reports mrw.co.uk. However, Rhondda Cynon Taf recorded an eight per cent fall between April and June to record the lowest recycling rate in Wales at 44 per cent.

The figures highlight how important the Welsh government is taking the issue of recycling and could inspire workplaces to consider installing office recycling bins, or recycling bins for the home, in order to improve upon 2012’s figures.

Environment Minister John Griffiths commented on the figures: “Moving on beyond 50 per cent right across Wales as a Wales average is very heartening for us.

“Of course next year is the first statutory household waste recycling target of 52 per cent – and there were many that thought that local authorities in Wales wouldn’t be in a position to meet that target. But happily I think we’re in a very positive and promising position,” he added.

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