Residents in Stroud have attempted to wheel their recycling bins back to their local council, because they are too big.

Stroud District Council introduced new wheelie bins to constituents last month in an effort to boost levels of recycling in the region. This appears to have worked as well, with the amount of recycling collected in the town having jumped by 50 per cent since the bins were introduced.  

However, some of those living in the area are unhappy about the changes and have wheeled their bins back to the council HQ in protest.

Edith Card, 77, is one of the unhappy residents. In an interview with, she complained: “I am committed to recycling but the bin is too big. Eleven out of about 30 in Belvedere Mews have bags but we don’t.

“I have tried and tried with the council but they say I have to adjust. I don’t want to adjust. I just want to recycle. The mews is very narrow and when you put your bin out in front your car sticks out into the roadway.”

The council has knocked back Mrs Card and a few other residents who attempted to exchange their bins for bags. Only those with access or mobility problems will be allowed to keep using bags for their recycling.

According to, Stroud District Council is now collecting 200 tonnes of recycling a week on average, up from the 136 tonnes collected before the bins were introduced.

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