The UK is anxiously waiting to see if it has met its glass PRN (Packaging Recovery Note) obligations for 2012. 

According to, the final quarter of the year saw the price of PRN material rocket and companies hurriedly buying up stocks of glass to reprocess or export. The EU Packaging Directive means countries are obligated to meet certain levels, which often starts with people putting glass in their recycling bins at home.

By the end of the third quarter, the UK was struggling to meet the EU obligations. The third quarter saw 350,000 tonnes of glass recycled – yet, to meet EU requirements, the UK would need to recycle 565,000 tonnes of the year. This prompted mixed material to shoot up in value from £5 to £35, while glass was trading for £75 per tonne. reports that the Environment Agency is doing what it can to help companies meet targets. The organisation said: “What we have done is advised the market that some schemes have surplus (carry forward) glass PRNs and are willing to offer that to any scheme/producer who needs evidence to meet their 2012 obligations.”

A week still remains until the end of the PRN reporting period and it is believed that around 500,000 tonnes had been recorded by early January. The worry is now that the UK has used recyclable glass stock to meet 2012 obligations and will now struggle to do the same in 2013.

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