A recycling scheme in Tunbridge Wells that is collecting leftover materials from Christmas has been deemed a success, according to thisiskent.co.uk.

Thousands of customers have placed used Christmas cards and wrapping papers in the recycling bins, which are located at the area’s Royal Victoria Palace shopping centre.

The scheme, which began just after Christmas, is also doing more for the environment. This is because Marks & Spencer’s, along with the Woodland Trust, has committed to planting a new tree for every 1,000 cards which are placed in the bins.

Talking about the efforts, Marc Burchett, a spokesperson for the shopping centre, told thisiskent.co.uk: “The response from our shoppers since we launched this appeal on Boxing Day has been amazing and on some days we are having to empty the recycling bins more than six times.”

According to royalvictoriaplace.com, over 1bn Christmas cards and 83 kilometres of wrapping paper are given out each year in the UK, with many of them just ending up in waste bins.

The Woodland Trust is the UK’s largest conservation charity. It plants tress and aims to protect the environment and woodland areas so that the public can enjoy the nature around them.

It has projects in many different areas – including Hurst Woos, Friezland, Hargate Forest and Nellington Wood.

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