Staff at a rubbish dump in Swansea have begun searching residents’ bin bags for recyclable material. reports that those who are found taking recyclable waste to the tip in Llansamlet are being turned away.

The move is reportedly part of Swansea Council’s efforts to improve recycling in the region. The council wants to be recycling 52 per cent of its waste by next April.

In an interview with, a council spokesman appeared confident that the scheme would encourage residents to put more of their waste in a recycle bin.

He said: “Any visitors that arrive with black bags have been asked if they would like to participate. If they agree, we take their black bag waste away and remove any recyclable materials after they have left the site.

“Anyone that does not wish to participate is given the option of taking the waste away and sorting through it themselves. Almost three quarters of the waste that has been sorted has been recycled during the trial.”

All five of Swansea’s rubbish tips have now installed recycling facilities in an effort to reach this target. What’s more, over 1,800 local businesses have signed up to the council’s commercial waste service.

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