Swansea Council has announced that it is to introduce a food recycling campaign, according to swanseasound.co.uk.

The move comes after statistics revealed that homeowners in the area were wasting up to £680 each year by throwing away food. The campaign is trying to encourage more people in the area to take part in the council’s weekly kitchen waste collection service. This was designed to help the environment and keep the amount of waste sent to landfill down.

The council’s recycling team is participating in door-knocking as part of the campaign, to give people advice and information about food recycling. It is also giving them equipment, such as kitchen waste caddies.

Talking about the scheme, councillor June Burtonshaw told thisissouthwales.co.uk: “Families are throwing away large amounts of food and money. It costs an average household £480 and families with children are wasting up to £680 a year.”

She added: “It’s not just the bank balance that food waste is bad for. It is an ethical, economic and environmental issue because wasted food is ending up in landfill.”

The campaign is being officially launched at a children’s teddy bears picnic event, that is taking place at Paradise Park in Townhill tomorrow (Tuesday July 30). Children at the event will be given gifts which will help spread awareness messages about food recycling.

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