Students from the University of Derby are trying to convince councillors to not stop recycling in many of the city’s areas.

Derby Council had been planning to stop recycling bin collection on 140 city streets across the city. These included parts of Abbey, Arboretum, Mackworth and Normanton wards. The council had argued that many people, including some students, weren’t recycling in the right way and that the recycling message wasn’t getting through.

However, those at the University argued that more information is needed on how to recycle, rather than the collection of the recycling bins being stopped. James Beckett, president of the University of Derby Students’ Union commented to “While we would agree that those students who have moved from other parts of the UK might find the local recycling scheme different, it is far from an impossible task to re-educated them.”

Labour councillor Paul Pegg, who represents that Mackworth ward argued that Mr Beckett was ‘burying his head in the sand’, however saying: “We’ve put leaflets out, we’ve been to freshers’ fairs and last year we had three people knocking on doors and it’s not made the slightest difference.”

He claimed that it is now up to neighbourhood boards of the four wards to decide if the plans was going to go ahead or not. According to, the council said earlier this month that the changes would help save the area £500,000 per year.


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