A new survey has found that students are recycling less than they think, according to sita.co.uk.

The research, which was carried out by the National Union of Students (NUS), found that although 50 per cent of students called themselves ‘committed recyclers’, one in ten students don’t recycle whatsoever.

Main reasons students gave for not recycling included lack of awareness of recycling collections (40 per cent) and space constraints (25 per cent). Students also said they were less likely to place rubbish in recycling bins if no one else in their accommodation did. It was found that first year students or those living in halls were particularly bad at recycling, according to a Sita report on the survey.

Talking about the research, David Palmer-Jones, chief executive of SITA UK told mrw.co.uk: “Although most students are very environmentally-conscious and aware of the issues at large, this research highlights that there is a real gap between values and behaviour.”

He also claimed that recycling systems aimed at students should be ‘quick and simple’ as those studying are usually under time constraints. The research also showed that students fare better at re-using items, rather than recycling, with 65 per cent repairing their belongs. Around half of students also donate possessions, such as clothes, books and shoes, to charity shops.

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