Students across Britain are being challenged to dispel common myths about drinks can recycling in a new competition backed by the British Film Institute (BFI).

Can Makers, the can recycling trade body, is inviting creative-types to produce a video clip centred on the theme of ‘Myth Busting – what happens to your drinks can when it’s recycled’, reports The clips can be no longer than two minutes.

Whether students choose to produce an animation charting a can’s journey from recycling bin to processing plant, or choose to raise awareness of the recycling process in another manner, Can Makers will reward the winner with a handsome £1,500 prize.

Students can also look forward to their work being seen by a judging panel of high-profile celebrities – such as British actor Danny Dyer and Sky Movies presenter Craig Stevens – alongside a bevvy of experts from the environment, sustainability and film making industries.

If there was just one thing that Geoff Courtney, chairman of Can Makers, would like to promote the industry for the most, it would probably be that the UK already has an impressive track record when it comes to can recycling.

He is quoted by as saying: “In the UK alone we get through 9.5 billion cans a year with a current recycle rate of nearly 60 per cent.

“Given that every part of a drinks can is infinitely recyclable without losing quality, our ultimate goal in supporting this competition is to increase recycling and raise awareness of the versatility of the can by inspiring students to educate themselves and their peers on the benefits of recycling.”

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