Recycling chiefs in South Derbyshire are getting ready to offer new measures to residents in the autumn. 

The district council is hoping that the new scheme will help to make recycling simpler for householders. It is also hoped that the new measures will boost the amount of rubbish that is being placed into recycling bins, with the council setting a target of saving 2,500 tonnes of waste. 

The new system will see existing green boxes and blue bags replaced by one single recycling bin, for an easier service. The council is also allowing extra materials to be placed in the bin that weren’t permitted before. These include plastics and cardboard, alongside cans, aerosols, foil, mixed glass, paper and textiles.

Talking about the new measures, Councillor Peter Watson, chairman of environmental and development services at the local authority, told “The new all-in-one bin will address their [residents] wishes to be able to place all recycling into one container, helping to simplify the process and encouraging greater participation.”

He added: “Our residents are renowned for the dedication, drive and desire they show to help the environment in any way they can.

The measures are due to help 42,000 households in the area, according to


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