Recycling rates have rocketed in Sheffield since recycling bins were changed to a fortnightly cycle, despite initial complaints by local residents, according to

The average rate of recycling in the area has gone up by 22 per cent – with paper and card recycling up by 17 per cent and glass, cans and plastic recycling up by 27 per cent. 

Mick Daniels, chairman of Brushes Tenants and Residents Association in Firth Park, said that the recycling rate increasing is ‘good news’, according to, and that he has not had a lot of people complaining about the change.

However, Sheffield council has admitted that it received 1,000 complaints a day about the new bin cycle when it first opened helplines in mid-August. This sum however has now decreased to 300-400 daily calls.

It is thought that the increase in recycling may be down to the fact that less collections, means residents are taking more care about what they put in their waste bins. The council have also aimed to make recycling easier for residents, with ‘flexible collections’- allowing people to choose which recyclables to put into blue bins and boxes.

Councillor Jack Scott said the increase was ‘the single biggest increase in recycling tonnage ever’ and said it showed that people of Sheffield want to have a positive effect on their environment and areas.

He also said that the council were forced to change the bin collections from weekly to fortnightly due to cuts by the Government.


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