A monthly river clean up at the River Dour in Kent saw 76 bags of litter cleaned up by volunteers, onenewspage.co.uk reports.

The thirteen helpful citizens managed to clear the vast amount of rubbish out of the river, to clean up the area. They also managed to pull out two fridges that were dumped in there.  

The clean-up was organized by White Cliffs Countryside Partnership (WCCP) and took place last week.

WCCP manager Kirk Alexander said that there was a lot more rubbish in the river than usual, which was thought to be due to heavy rainfall washing litter down the river. He also said that the two fridges that were found were placed into recycling bins by volunteers with the help of company Veolia Environmental. These could have resulted in floods.

More clean-ups on the River Dour will take place on Monday (October 8th) – with weeds, vegetation and overhanging branches being cleared away. Each clean-up is aided with funding from Dover Town Council, Dover Society and River and Temple Ewell Parish Councils. 

The event marks the first stage in a new annual programme ran by The Environment Agency to help improve the cleanliness of the river. 

Ian Nunn, from the organization, told thisiskent.co.uk: “We are pleased to be able to carry out this important work on the River Dour which would help reduce flood risk in the area.”

He added that local residents and riverside landowners could help to keep flood risk at a low level by making sure their garden waste was cleared away and banks were kept clear.

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