A Scottish area is set to trial a weekly food recycling system.

Each household in the Clydebank area of West Dunbartonshire will receive a small kitchen recycling bin, as well as compostable liners in which to store their food waste.

What’s more, a 140-litre communal food waste bin will be placed at the back of each tenant’s residence, which will be emptied weekly. 

It is hoped that the new scheme will help the local council meet targets set by the Scottish government as part of its Zero Waste Plan. These state that each council must recycle 50 per cent of its waste by 2013, according to scotland.gov.uk.

Councillor David McBride, convener of the council’s housing, environmental and economic development committee, told clydebankpost.co.uk that he was positive about meeting the targets. He said: “West Dunbartonshire’s recycling figure for 2011/12 was just over 46 per cent, so we are well on the way to achieving that target. However, we are committed to recycling as much as we possibly can.”

Mr McBride continued: “With the help of the householders involved, extending the food waste recycling service to tenants should ensure that we not only meet that target, but exceed it.”

If a success, the trial will be put into permanent operation from autumn or summer next year.

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