A rapping robot named Recycler is helping to inspire children to recycle more.

The little robotic helper raps and sings about the importance of using recycling services, as well as giving a speech about the three Rs – reduce, reuse, recycle – at schools, reported newsshopper.co.uk.

Recycler has just made appearances in several schools in Lewisham as part of the ‘Clean and Green’ scheme, with the robot appearing alongside Weee Man – aka Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Man. Both are made from recycled materials and aim to encourage greater use of recycling bins.

The importance of educating children about environmental issues at this early stage was discussed by local councillor and cabinet member for customer services Susan Wise.

She said: “Children in Lewisham really care about the environment and by educating them on the small changes they can make, we are showing them what they can do to save the environment. They also help to spread the word by passing on the message at home.”

According to recycleforlewisham.com, the popularity of Recycler and Weee Man has seen the programme “oversubscribed” for the current academic year, although applications for next year can be submitted next summer.

In addition to the robots’ performances, the visit involves discussion of green issues, help on creating a growing area and the opportunity to undertake a waste audit at school.

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