Students at a school in Horsham have signed up to Horsham District Council’s trade waste recycling scheme in a bid to save the school money, reports

Tanbridge House School, along with almost 200 businesses, have signed up for the recycling service as it makes ‘increasing financial sense’ as well as improving the environmental impact of local businesses.

The school’s pupils have had time to the adapt to the new scheme, according to Year 7 teacher Gail Watson, and the children are finding it “really easy” to place recyclable waste in different coloured recycling bins, adds

For instance, the blue bins are for recycling waste while all other refuse goes into red bins, as this emulates a similar procedure that students may follow at home. 

Andrew Baldwin, Horsham District Council’s cabinet member for the environment, commented on the figures: “It’s great to see that the council’s trade waste scheme is having a positive effect on not only the staff at Tanbridge House School but the children as well.

“Education is key – if we can encourage children to actively support recycling and other green initiatives like reusing plastic carrier bags then it will help the environment and hopefully discourage people from littering,” he added.

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