Supermarkets and suppliers have committed themselves to exploring ways for reducing their environmental impact, reports.

A consortium made up of the Co-Operative Group, Sainsbury’s and Nestle has pledged to explore ways in which it can boost the environmental impacts of both its products and services.

The announcement was made in a report, entitled: ‘An initial assessment of the environmental impact of grocery products’, published by WRAP’s Product Sustainability Forum (PSF). It claimed the organisations would bring together product life-cycle information collated from over 150 published studies in a bid to gain the most comprehensive insight into environmental impact to date.

This information could then go towards the manufacture of newer, easily-recyclable items as well as providing more information for customers already placing the packaging into their home or office recycling bins.

Speaking of the project, CEO of WRAP and chair of the PSF, Dr Liz Goodwin told “The main objective of this important research has been to establish which grocery products are likely to contribute the most to environment impacts associated with UK household consumption.

“By gaining a better understanding of the products that matter in the context of UK consumption, we can help businesses to prioritise their efforts to improve the environmental performance of their products in areas that will generate the biggest economic and environmental savings.”

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