Many residents and councillors have branded the back alleyways of Blackburn and Darwen ‘disgusting’ after an onslaught of fly-tipping incidents have left the cities’ back alleyways rubbish-strewn.

The Council has apparently stepped up their measures of tackling the situation in its ‘Your Call’ campaign, which sees fines issued for the offence. However, some residents have complained that the situation is worse than ever.

Rubbish dumped on the streets includes furniture, tyres, paint tins and even needles.

Residents were praised just last month for using their recycling bins more, but it seems they are not using them quite enough.

Many are blaming those who live in the area, saying they people are ‘dumping on their own doorstep’. This includes Darwen teenager Anthony Duckworth, who dumped a caravan close to his home last month, according to

Christine Connell, who runs a community centre in the Blackburn area told, that some people in the area had ”no community pride”.

She added: “The council keep putting letters through the door and every couple of months threatening prosecutions but they never do anything about it.”

“I have lived here for 50 years and it has never been so dirty. I don’t want to live in a pig sty.”

Councillor Faryad Hussain, executive member for environmental improvement and sustainability added that he thought dumping rubbish was filthy and went against everything the council were trying to achieve with the ‘Your Call’ campaign.

There have been 40 fines issued in the last year for fly-tipping in the area.

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