Rubbish that has built up at an Isle of Wight beach has sparked pleas for a clean-up, reports.

Residents of Sandown have complained about their rubbish-strewn seafront, saying the council have repeatedly refused their pleas for more rubbish and recycling bins or an increase in collections. 

The problem has lead to residents cleaning the beach themselves in recent years, including Julia Catling who voiced her displeasure at the situation, saying:

“The council has apparently refused to install more bins along the front or arrange appropriate collections, which fit with the tides and increased number of holidaymakers in peak season.”

“Consequently, it is usual for the bins to be overflowing and the beach to be strewn with rubbish.”

Local Councillor Ian Ward argued that it was difficult to know which bins would fill up when, and that maybe the council could look into putting bigger bins in busier areas.

Alex Minns, strategic manager for recreation, leisure and parks said he was ‘pleased’ people were using the bins provided and that any rubbish placed alongside the allocated bins was collected every morning and evening.

The waste situation threatens to ruin the beach, which has been awarded a Quality Coastal Awards and Blue Flag status is the past, according to

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