Richmond Council this week announced charities and schools in the area must pay for their rubbish to be collected next year, reports.

New Government legislation means they will no longer be exempt from the charges. The council has said it will cover the costs of disposing state school and college waste, but that they will have to pay for their own rubbish collections from April 2013.

Charities in the borough face both charges, which may put an strain on their annual budget, according to

Fiona Brennan, chief executive of a charity in the Richmond area expressed her concern about the charges, saying:

“From the information we have received so far, this could amount to an additional expense for already hard-pressed local charities. I think there is a strong case for charities to be exempt.”

Councillor Virginia Morris, cabinet member for environment at Richmond council said that schools were being urged to use recycling bins more to reduce waste costs. She also commented that the new charges would not affect charity shops, only those charities who have offices in the borough.

Ms Morris said that she recognized the charges may be ‘concerning’ which is why the changes have been delayed until April next year.

Schools in the Richmond area will be able to get their recycled rubbish collected for free and the council will offer them a waste audit to try and keep costs low. Charities that currently receive small business rate relief may be eligible for discounts.

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