Residents in Enfield have voiced their displeasure about new recycling measures that have been proposed according to

The new scheme would see homeowners who put their rubbish in the wrong recycling bins lose their bins.

The pilot scheme, which is due to be introduced by Enfield Borough Council next month, is said to be based on a ‘three-strike’ policy. A first offence means that the resident would receive a warning, followed by a written letter for the second mistake. One third error and the recycling bins could be removed totally.

Talking about the measures, Adrian Bishop-Laggett from Kenmare Gardens and vice president of the Federation of Enfield Residents and Allied Association (FERAA) told that he was against it.

He said: “I can see all sorts of problems with this scheme and I am not sure how it is going to work. In the current state, bins are not lockable. This can lead to anyone off the street putting something in different bins, which results in the issue we now face.”

Mr Bishop-Laggett suggested that instead of bins being taken away, residents are properly educated about what rubbish goes in each recycling bin.

The council has claimed that between January and March 2010, nearly 2.000 households put out bins were rubbish was not placed in the correct area.

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