Officials in Redcar and Cleveland have provided local residents with a third wheelie bin each, which it is hoped will boost recycling in the area, reports.

The £1.5 million recycling drive, put in place after a successful trial, could generate savings of £252,476 per year and improve recycling in the area by up to eight per cent. It will see blue recycling bins replace the existing system of using boxes and plastic sacks in order to collect glass, cans, cardboard, plastic and paper.

In Redcar alone, the trial saw 6.3 tonnes of co-mingled recycling collected, whereas the pre-trial figure stood at just 2.1 tonnes.

A secondary trial, which saw plastic sacks provided for recycling garden waste, did not prove to be as successful, so will not be featuring in the larger-scale rollout – which is set to take place between April – October next year.

Speaking to about the results, the cabinet member for environment, Councillor Christopher Massey, explained: “Since May 2012 co-mingled collection arrangements have been trialled in two areas: Nunthorpe (1,239 properties) and the Dorset Road estate, Guisborough (387 properties). In Nunthorpe the increase in collection has been upwards of six per cent and in the Dorset Road estate the increase has been around 20 per cent.

“In addition, feedback received from residents in the trial areas was overwhelmingly positive with 82 per cent and 78 per cent of residents in the Nunthorpe and Dorset Road estates respectively, describing the process of co-mingling as ‘very easy’.”

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