A new guide on recycling has been launched for UK businesses.

The information guide, ‘Recycling On the Go’ has been created by organisation WRAP. It hopes to educate organisations across the UK about recycling facilities that are used when out and about.

It will contain information about legal requirements, how to label recycling bins, promoting recycling and evaluating the effectiveness of recycling schemes.

It is hoped that the guide will be used by organisations such as shopping centres, councils, and event organisers.  

Marcus Gover, director at WRAP, told mrw.co.uk: “There are well-established schemes in place to help us recycle while we’re at home – but it can be more difficult when we’re out shopping or at a sporting event, for example.

He continued: “Recycling on the go facilities offer people an easy way to recycle when they’re out and about as well. These facilities can capture valuable recyclable materials which may otherwise go to landfill, meaning their value to the green economy is lost.”

Materials such as posters and flyers are also available to download from the WRAP website, which will help promote the campaign.

The news comes as it was revealed that both Scottish and Welsh governments have released funds to promote public recycling facilities when out of the home recently, according to resource.uk.com.

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