New statistics show that Inverclyde residents recycled record levels last year.

Figures show that residents in the Scottish area are now placing more than half of household waste (57 per cent) into recycling bins. The local council has also successfully implemented a household waste system recently which has reduced the amount of rubbish sent to landfill.

Overall, 445 tonnes of food waste was collected from homes in the area between October – December 2012. The amount of household waste sent to landfill was down in the same time period, compared to figures from the year before, at 2,750 tonnes compared to 2011’s 4,287 tonnes.

Inverclyde Council has also pledged £1.1 million into its Pottery Street Centre recycling facility, for the use of local residents.

Environment and communities convenor, Councillor Michael McCormick, told that the increase in recycling in the area was down to the hard work of residents too.

He said: “Whilst we continue to increase recycling options and introduce new recycling services in Inverclyde, we rely on householders to make use of these facilities. Thanks to the efforts of local people we have seen improvement in our recycling rate year on year.”

The Councillor also said the new statistics show that Inverclyde is on its way for reaching its 60 per cent household recycling target by 2020, set by the Scottish government, according to

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