A survey undertaken by Tandridge District Council appears to have uncovered why some people are reluctant to recycle, silobreaker.com reports.

In towns and cities around Britain, recycling volumes have increased and the amount of materials heading to landfill has dropped. Despite this, recycling volumes aren’t in danger of hitting 100 per cent any time soon, as some people still feel reluctant to get involved themselves.

Now, after posting some positive results of its own, Tandridge District Council sought to find out just why that was.

It undertook a survey of local residents after seeing recycling rates doubled and landfill volumes halved. Among the questions was on on why those who don’t recycle as much as they could made their decision.

One reason was that some people have the erroneous view that recycled material ends up finding its way to landfill regardless of what internal bins it is placed into, meaning they needn’t bother.

Others were more apathetic, wondering what the actions of one individual could do on a global scale. Likewise, some said it was “too easy” to just throw everything in the rubbish bin.

In response, the Council called out some of the reasons as downright untrue, whilst acknowledging the others and pledging to find ways of solving the issues. Where those who do recycle were concerned, the councillors offered praise and a look into ways of making their lives easier.

Chaldon district councillor Pat Cannon told thisissurreytoday.co.uk: “The overall response has been tremendous.”

“We should consider having a recycling truck at fetes and community events so people can see for themselves how our recycling systems work.”

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