The Portishead Christmas lights committee has extended its clothes recycling scheme to raise money for this year’s lights in the town, according to

The scheme, which sees residents encouraged to place unwanted clothes and textiles in recycling bins, was only meant to run in January and February, however it is now being extended so that more money can be raised.

Those in charge of the committee are hoping to raise £2,000 so that the lights in the Somerset area can be extended to cover more areas of the town. Items that are being asked for include old bedding, shoes, handbags, curtains and all sorts of clothing item.

Residents will be able to place items in designated bins at the Portishead Youth Centre. Volunteers will also be collecting any unwanted items from homes and businesses in the area now too. Collected items will then be taken to Bristol Textile Recyclers, with money paid for each kilo of textiles donated. Items which are in good condition however will be given to those in need.

More than three tonnes of unwanted clothing and other items were collected in the area for the committees fund last year, raising £2,160 for the Portishead Christmas lights display, according to

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