Flat-owners in West Oxfordshire are being targeted as part of a new drive to improve recycling rates around the county, oxfordmail.co.uk reports.

Oxfordshire has already made the news this week after two of its local councils – which were already top-ranked recyclers in the UK – were nomimated for a national award. Now, Oxfordshire’s recycling facilities have been praised once more following a new scheme that aims to make it easier for those in flats to recycle.

Recycling when living in a flat is decidedly more difficult than when in a house and can often lead people to simply throw recyclable materials away for convenience purposes. In light of this, West Oxfordshire District Council has pledged to visit every single one of the 2,806 flats in its vicinity to see what measures the locals believe could be used to make the process an easier one.

So far, 400 flats have already been provided with new recycling bins and facilities that should make the whole process much easier. These include smaller bins or bags that can be used as an intermediary before materials are then transported to the larger communal bins held outside.

One early success story is that of flats on Witney High Street, which went from having a recycling rate of zero to one of more than 40 per cent in just a matter of weeks.

Speaking to oxfordtimes.co.uk of the scheme, head of housing provider the Home Group, Brenda Anyona, explained: “Our customers have said they are delighted that they are now able to recycle more easily.

“We have a very good relationship with the council and are keen to do whatever we can to help them boost recycling rates.”

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