An organic recycling firm in Scotland has reached a major milestone by processing 20,000 tonnes of food waste, according to

Keenan Recycling, based in New Deer, Aberdeenshire, has recycled this extraordinary amount of waste in just three years, since it started collecting waste businesses in the area on July 28th, 2010. It means that the firm has now collected waste weighing the same amount as 83 Boeing 747 aeroplanes. 

All waste that is collected by the company is used to create British Standard Industry accredited compost for farming and horticultural use. The firm now has around 650 customers that it collects recycling from a range of companies, such as oil firms, hotels, restaurants and food processors. As well as leftover food, it collects products coffee grounds, cups and paper towels.

Managing director of Keenan Recycling, Grant Keenan, claimed that the scheme has been boosted as more companies are readying themselves for new zero waste regulations that are set to come in to place next year. These will state that any business producing more than 50kg of food waste per week will have to recycle it. 

As well as covering Aberdeenshire, Keenan Recycling has recently expanded its business into Inverness and the surrounding areas, according to  

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