A Midlands council has shown that consolidating numerous recycling bins into a single one could cut the volume of waste headed to landfill, derbyshire-news.co.uk reports.

Amber Valley Borough Council decided last year that it would do away with the current scheme whereby recycling was sorted into numerous different boxes for glass, cardboard and plastics. Instead, a single recycle bin was provided in which householders could put all of their recycling – for it to be sorted at a nearby plant.

Whilst requiring more effort on the council’s part, the scheme has been labelled a resounding success after recycling rates soared by 230 tonnes per month.

The figures were collated by comparing data collected after the one-bin roll-out with figures recorded in December 2011, at which point residents were still sorting into separate bins.

Following the success, Amber Valley Borough Council has also unveiled plans to begin recycling garden waste, which is set to come into force later on this year.

Commenting on the positive results, the cabinet portfolio holder for Green and Thriving Places to Live, Cllr Martin Tomlinson, told ripleyandheanornews.co.uk: “Residents are welcoming the ease of use of the new system and its flexibility in taking extra materials such as plastics and additional cardboard.

“It is even more pleasing that these improvements have been achieved at no increased cost to the taxpayer.”

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