A new recycling scheme that was introduced to the Wiltshire area has set the area on track to meet its 2014 targets, reports wiltshire.gov.uk.

The measures, which were introduced by the Council at the start of the year, have seen the amount of garden waste, plastic bottles, and cardboard placed into recycling bins rise by 6 per cent from the previous years statistics,

This means that Wiltshire residents are now recycling approximately half of their waste materials.

There has also been a huge reduction in the amount of waste that is going to landfill. The best area for this is North Wiltshire, which has reduced its landfill waste by 22 per cent. This is good news for the area, as Landfill Tax is set to increase from £64 per tonne this year, to £80 per tonne in 2014.

Talking about the results, Toby Sturgis, Wiltshire Council cabinet member for waste services, told salisburyjournal.co.uk: “Residents in Wiltshire are to be congratulated on this fantastic achievement. It is tremendous news and shows people have really embraced the green culture and we are right on track to meet the 2014 targets.”

He continued: “Clearly the new kerbside recycling collections are encouraging people to recycle and compost more of their waste.”

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