New rubbish bags are being trialled by Bath Council to try and prevent seagull attacks, reports.

The re-usable bags, made from hessian, will be trialled for two months in the area to see whether they can withstand gull attacks.

The bags will be tested in the rubbish and recycling bins of 1,000 homes across 23 streets in the city.

Councillor David Dixons, who is the council’s cabinet member for neighbourhoods, said that the authority hoped the trial would be successful in reducing rubbish on Bath streets, telling “This is a crucial first step towards the council tackling the cause of much of the litter people see on our streets early in the morning.”

“These sacks are extremely robust and should work well.”

He added that the council really needed the residents to take an active part in the trial so that lessons can be learn about how ‘a more extensive system’ might work.

The Bath Chronicle conducted their own experiment on the sturdy bags last month for one week to see if they worked, and results proved positive with no evidence of gull attacks.

Residents selected for the official trial will be notified and sent their sacks this week, with it beginning on Thursday September 20.

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