A new recycling mascot has been revealed by Harlow Council.

Cuddly mascot Reece Icle will now be the face of recyclable rubbish in the Essex area. The mascot was designed by ten-year-old Nisha Ramaphal of William Martin School who won a competition to design the character which was launched by the council last October.

It was hoped by the council that the competition, which was open to Year Six students, would help raise awareness about recycling and its benefits to the area.

Harlow Council currently spends around £800,000 a year on street cleaning services, which include picking up litter that doesn’t make it into bins, according to harlow.gov.uk, which it could use on other measures.

Talking about the mascot and competition, councillor Emma Toal, cabinet member for youth & citizenship told harlowstar.co.uk: “Recycling is such an important subject and we should all be aware of the benefits to our environment that recycling can bring.”

She added: “The competition to design a mascot to promote the message of recycling and reducing litter on and around the local community provided an excellent opportunity to involve young people in getting this message out, as well as encourage them to be responsible about reducing litter.”

Ms Toal said Reece Icle’s role will be helping to promote the council’s recycling message in the local community, as well as raising engagement levels with local younger residents.

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