New recycling laws in Grimsby have led to the town becoming far greener. report that only 300 tonnes of waste was sent to landfill in the three months to June, which is more than four times less than in Q2 2011. It is also estimated that an additional 2,000 households have started recycling since the laws were introduced last April.

Councillor Peter Wheatley, who was partly responsible for the changes, was delighted to witness the changes in local residents’ mindsets.

Speaking to, he said: “We have had a positive response so far to the changes we introduced earlier this year. Many more people are now doing their bit for the environment.”

As part of the changes, the council have become a lot stricter about what waste should be placed in recycling bins and what should be sent to landfill.

Residents face having their rubbish snubbed by bin men, or even being fined by the council, if they place recyclable materials in the wrong bin.

“During Recycle Week in June, we asked many people if they supported the changes and everyone we spoke to was positive, saying we are doing the right thing for the environment and at the same helping the council’s finances in these difficult times,” Wheatley concluded.

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