A new recycling facility which has opened in south Cumbria is making waste useful again.

The plant, based in Barrow, turns household waste that has been placed into recycling bins into solid fuel. This can then be used as an alternative to traditional fossil fuels, which can harm the environment.

Up to 75,000 tonnes of waste can now be processed at the site – this will help to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill in the area. The facility at the Sowerby Woods industrial estate has also boosted the economy in the area – creating 15 jobs, as well as 50 during the construction of the site.

Talking about the new plant, Councillor Norman Clarkson, chairman of Cumbria County Council, told bbc.co.uk: “We are changing waste from being something that was previously just buried and disposed of into a resource which has value and saves us using other fossil fuels.

He continued: “In short, we are giving waste a second life and being cleaner, greener and more cost-effective.”

Those in charge of the site said there will be no change to residents’ waste collection and they have still been encouraged to do their own recycling through kerbside collections or by taking waste to local recycling points.

The plant, which was opened last week, will begin operating from April 1st, according to nwemail.co.uk.

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