It has been revealed today that the Slough branch of Natwest has been fined for not clearing their waste, according to

The banking giant has been hit with a fine by Slough Borough Council for dumping waste behind its Farnham Road branch.

The Council took action after dumped rubbish, that should have been placed in waste or recycling bins, was attracting rats to the area. The branch was issued a fine of £100 after twice failing to clear the waste, and also had to make a further payment of £305 after Council staff had to clear the rubbish themselves.

Councillor Satpal Parmar, commissioner for environment and open spaces, told “All private land-owners have a responsibility to keep their land free from waste and litter, even if it has been left there by a third party. Fly-tipping is a serious issue which affects communities, and we will continue to take a tough stance against those who fail to comply with their legal obligations.”

A spokesperson for Natwest claimed that the bank was not responsible for removing the rubbish. The bank also said that it would be passing on any fines that had been issued to the landlord.



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