Effective communication via training and promotional material has formed the central part of the National Autistic Society’s (NAS’s) shift towards a greener future. 

Speaking with businessgreen.com, NAS environment manager Gill Phillips highlighted how it is necessary to explain to staff why money is being spent on energy efficiency and recycling schemes, particularly in a charitable organisation.    

She said: “The training won’t be too heavy. But we want to make it clear to everyone why we are doing this and what it means specifically to them and how it will affect them. We want to show that this means there will be more money for the important work we do.”

In her opinion, a crucial point to understand is that messaging should be tailored to the organisation in question, rather than simply being generic. This emphasises that green issues are not just a general target for society, but one that the organisation feels strongly about.

There are other tricks that can help too; Ms Phillips suggested putting pictures of eyes above office recycling bins can actually help capture people’s attention and lead to more recycling.

While there is significant support among companies and residents to support recycling schemes, there are concerns following Chancellor George Osborne’s spending review that councils may struggle to deliver their collection services.

According to eaem.co.uk, cuts in the region of ten per cent will mean that council budgets will be stretched in the coming years. 

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