Residents of Epsom will now be allowed to add both cartons and plastics into their recycling bins, despite previously having to separate the two out. 

That’s according to, which confirmed that the two recyclable materials can now be placed in the same bin. The change is set to be introduced by September 2013 and residents will be alerted to it when a sticker is placed on their recycling box.

Some living in Epsom have expressed concerns about the new regime, claiming that there isn’t enough space for all their recycling to be put together.

However a council spokesman said that the new scheme would be monitored on an ongoing basis, telling  “It was decided based on recycling levels at the moment that there was satisfactory space in bins for plastics as long as they are ‘washed and squashed’.”

The council also provided advice on how those in the area can look after their recycling bins. This included making sure that all food packaging is washed or rinsed out to keep smells down and bugs away. This is particularly important at the moment, considering Britons are facing temperatures of up to 30 degrees.

Residents were also advised to make sure they squash all packaging down, so there is more room in their black bin for the new waste.

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