Many people are opting to recycle their unwanted goods instead of throwing them out as waste, according to a poll by Ipsos Mori for Climate Week.

Reported by, the survey found 94 per cent ‘do not usually throw clothes away’ with 61 per cent donating unwanted clothes to charity. Furthermore, 12 per cent opted to recycle their old garments.

When it comes to mobile phones, 96 per cent said they do not bin their unwanted handsets. In addition, over two-thirds (65 per cent) recycled, resold or gave away their old mobiles.

General recycling figures show eight out of ten people recycle on most days, highlighting how popular recycling is. With 56 per cent of those surveyed believing their actions can ‘make a difference’ and 63 per cent wanting to help prevent climate change, homeowners could find it useful to implement recycling bins in order to reduce their waste in the kitchen, for instance.

Kevin Steele, chief executive of Climate Week, commented on the figures to “Our survey clearly shows that people in Britain want to protect the environment and are taking action every day that helps to do so.

“This picture is confirmed by the half a million people around the UK who are attending events run for Climate Week,” he added.

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