Streets in Leicestershire could appear in a specially-made comic detailing the amount of rubbish they manage to recycle, reports.

Oadby and Wigston Borough Council is in the process of collecting data on the volume of recycling each street within its remit produces, with the results set to make up a comic book which will then be distributed back to homes in the area.

The government project, which makes up part of a wider £1.6 million scheme to encourage more recycling in the area, is hoping to see the finished comics delivered by the middle of next year.

If successful, the innovative scheme could be implemented by councils elsewhere around the country in a bid to entice residents into filling recycling bins instead of waste ones.

Data will be collected by local children, who will provide the council with information on how many houses there are in each street, as well as how many bins are put out each week.

“We think that when we send out a conventional leaflet promoting recycling, maybe only one person in the house will read it,” head of environment at the council, Jez Crookes, told, “but everyone likes comics and I can see lots of people in the family taking more interest.

Crookes added that the finished product will be easy to personalise, with the council able to change the images as well as the text, depending on results for individual streets.

“As a basic example, maybe we would have a lorry stuck driving over a massive mound of landfill rubbish if residents were throwing away a lot,” he added.

“But if the street recycles a lot, we could have an empty landfill site.”

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