A former brickyard in Leicester is set to be transformed into a state of the art recycling centre, thisisleicestershire.co.uk reports.

The local government has pledged to develop the old Gypsum Close brickworks as a £3.5 million waste and recycling plant. It will then supersede the existing site at Spinney Hills which is too small to deal with the ever-growing demand of visitors having to wait with their recycling bins whilst filled containers are emptied.

Such demand, in fact, which saw 15,500 tonnes of waste and recycling taken to centres around Leicester. Of this, 11,000 tonnes were sorted and recycled or composted.

A new, more comprehensive facility wouldn’t leave Spinney Hills completely unused, however, as ideas have been floated to turn it into an up-cycling facility where older furniture can be restored and offered to poorer families.

The second existing recycling facility at Freeman’s Common is expected to be entirely unchanged by the new development.

Despite the already in-depth proposals, the scheme itself is a little way off becoming a reality just yet, as the council has said it will launch a planning application in September, before allowing for a 13-week consultation where public opinion can be gauged. If all goes ahead as planned, the facility is expected to open to the public in 2015.

Speaking of the proposals, assistant city mayor, Cllr Sarah Russell, told news.leicester.gov.uk: “Our plans for Gypsum Close would provide a bigger, modern facility that would be better suited to meet the growing demand for household recycling.

“It is absolutely key to helping us meet our future recycling targets and helping reduce the amount of waste we send to landfill.”

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