Tougher recycling targets would come into place if the Labour government was to regain power again in future, it has been claimed.

According to a consultation document from the political party, Labour would take inspiration from Welsh and Scottish governments and get stricter with the amount of rubbish placed into recycling bins. The document was entitled ‘Resource security: jobs and growth from waste’.

The European Environment Agency has set a target for nations in the region to recycle at least 50 per cent of their waste by 2020, according to an article posted on,. Some European countries, such as Germany, Belgium and Austria, have already surpassed this target.

Those in charge of targets in Scotland have set an aim for the region to reach a 50 per cent target for recycling by 2013, with the country managing to recycle 40.1 per cent of its rubbish in 2011. Whilst the Welsh authorities are aiming even higher, hoping to recycle 52 per cent of waste this year.

Commenting on the review, Gareth Stace, head of climate and environment policy at the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF), the manufacturers’ organisation, told “This is a welcome Review of one of the most critical issues facing Industry. We live in an age where global demand for resources is surging with prices on an upward trend and concern about shortages mounting.”

He continued: “Developing a strategy for resource management is vital for the environment and to ensure a sustainable future for our economy.”

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